Tuition and Fees

Late Fees

You will be charged a late fee for declined payments!

How it Works

Tuition and Fees are set to automatically be charged on the 1st of each month!

Declined Payments

If you received a declined payment notice, please log into your Parent Portal and make payment today!

Costume Fees

There is a $55-$100 costume fee for each class your child is enrolled for the Spring concert! 

Christmas Recital costumes are borrowed from the studio at no cost to families. We simply ask that students and their parents care for ESDA property and returned on time! If any costume is not returned promptly or damaged you will be charged the full amount!

Recital Fees

There is two recital fees each year. $35 per child, per recital! Christmas recital fees will be charged with November and April tuition!

Competition Fees

If your student is competiting, you will pay the competition directly. We do not collect fees for competitions.