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Studio Information & Policies

Privacy Policy- East Side Dance Academy does not share customer's personal

 or financial information.


The policies of East Side Dance Academy were designed to promote an organized, professional studio and to create a positive learning environment for your child. By following these policies you will help create the best dance experience possible. The Instructors at East Side are professionals and take dance very seriously. By following these policies you will help your child to excel at the fine art of dance.

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Studio Managers

Emily Taylor 801-637-3977 and Heidi Ruesch 801-946-7047


Practice wear is required for all classes. If a student is not dressed appropriately they will be asked to sit and watch class.

Student’s hair must be tied back and secure for class. No T-shirts, gum, or jewelry!

Ballet & Pointe Classes: Shoes ~ Pink professional quality ballet shoes. (Total Stretch Canvas shoes are recommended.) Ladies on pointe may wear any brand pointe shoes they like. We request that dancers DO NOT wear low quality ballet shoes because they hinder your child’s ability to have correct foot placement.

Academy Classes: Ballet & Pointe ~ Pink tights, Black Leotard (Black skirt optional.)

Note- Ballet is a disciplined and structured form of dance. The appropriate attire will allow the Instructor to accurately correct a dancer's placement. 

Level Classes: Ballet ~ Pink tights, any colored Leotard (Skirts/tutus optional.)

Tap Classes: Black tap shoes. Any color leotard and tights or jazz pants or shorts optional.

Competition Jazz Team: Tan and Black Jazz Shoes. Any color leotard and tights. Jazz pants or shorts optional. No baggy clothing. 

Jazz Classes: Black jazz shoes. Any color leotard and tights. Jazz pants or shorts optional. No baggy clothing.

Lyrical Classes: Skin colored foot thong or wrap. Any color leotard. Skirt or dance shorts optional.

Hip Hop Classes: Clean tennis shoes & Athletic wear.

Boys: Athletic wear and appropriate dance shoes.


East Side Dance Academy does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all dance students be covered by their own family insurance policies and if injury occurs it is understood that the student’s own policy is your only source of reimbursement.


The studio will be closed for the following Holidays: Halloween (Oct 31), Fall Break (Oct 19-21), Thanksgiving (Nov. 23-24), Winter Break (Dec 18-Jan 1), Pres. Day (Feb 19), Spring Break (April 2-6) and Memorial Day (May 28). 

Attendance and Tardiness

If a student is more than 10 minutes late they will not be allowed to participate in class that day. Students coming in late cause too much distraction, delay, and will not be properly warmed-up for class. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class; and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. If more than 3 out of the last six classes are missed the dancer WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the recital. Please make every effort to attend every class. Missed classes may not be deducted from tuition payments.

Make-Up Policy

If for any reason your child cannot attend class, they are encouraged to attend a make-up class within the month. (No extra charge for make-up.) A class similar to their age group is appropriate. 

Dropping off and picking up dancers

Parents are welcome to drop their child off for dance class. Please be on time to pick up your child after class. If parent is late you will be charged $1.00 per minute to pay for the teacher or manager to stay and supervise your child. This charge will be added to your bill. When a child is late getting picked up it is hard to interrupts the next class. We do not have extra staff available! There is not room in the basement for parents to watch. Please do not plan on staying. 

Communicating with Instructors

We work very hard to keep you informed by e-mailing a monthly newsletter and updating our Website. However, it is your responsibility to keep up to date by reading newsletters, e-mails, and checking the information board and Website. If you have a question about the dance studio please do not ask instructors during or in-between classes. Please text Emily at an appropriate hour and she will be more then happy to help you with any questions. The Instructors have a very tight schedule and are not able to meet with parents during class because it can use up valuable class time. If you need to talk personally to an instructor please schedule an appointment Emily so that the instructors can give you their full attention. Please respect the instructor’s private time by NOT calling them at home.


Tentative recital dates are on our calendar on our website. Please reserve these dates now. The dress rehearsals are mandatory for anyone wanting to perform in the recital. (Dancers who do not attend the dress rehearsal WILL NOT be allowed to perform in the recital.) In the passed we have not charged for recital tickets. However be aware we may be changing our policies this year. There is a $35 recital fee per student per recital!


Recital costumes will run $55 to $100 per costume. Combo classes should only need to purchase one costume for both the ballet and tap. If a dancer is in more than one class he or she will need to purchase additional costumes. The Recital/Costume fee is due with December tuition on Dec 1st so that costumes can be ordered on time. Once costumes are ordered there are no refunds or size changes. We do measure the students prior to ordering costumes so we can get the best size for them. Any alterations needed are the parent’s responsibility. All tuition accounts must be up to date to order costumes. Any costumes that are ordered after the original order goes in will have to pay a late fee for shipping and they may not be here in time for recital pictures.

Recital Photos

Recital photographs will be taken sometime time in April. Photo shoots during class time provides convenience for parents and allows teachers to be available for posing. Action shots will be taken at a different time and location TBA!

Videotaping during Recital and Dress Rehearsal

Videotaping during our recital is not allowed. The recital will be taped using professional equipment, and DVD copies will be available at reasonable prices. Still pictures are permitted: however, no “flash” pictures are allowed during performances. There is a great deal of editing involved for our DVD’s. Please allow 8 weeks or more for the delivery of the DVDs. If there is a problem with your video order please contact the Videographer directly, not East Side.

Competitive Dance Team

East Side offers a competition team for a unique dance experience. Elite and Performance Team’s audition is held in April or May. Dancers who are apart of this team are advised to participate in jazz and ballet classes weekly. Dance expectation at this level is more than once a week. Ballet is very important for the team members because it is the basis for good dance technique. Anyone may Compete a solo. Contact Emily for more information. 

Late fees

There is a late fee for ALL declined tuition payments.  If total bill is not paid by the 5th of each month, the dancer will have to sit out of class. All fees must be paid in full before recital or the student will not be able to participate. CHECKS AND CASH ARE NOT ACCEPTED!


Tuition is set to automatic payment from checking, savings, and/or credit card accounts. (1st of each month)

Payments are broken up into monthly payments for your convenience. Tuition is non- refundable and is paid to save your child’s place in class. If your child has decided to stop attending class you must stop by the studio to fill out a “Stop Automatic Payment Form” at least 30 days before payment is due. If we are not contacted we will continue to bill you for saving your child’s place in class. 


All dance class registration is done online. This offers parents more convenience and access to their account 24 hours a day. You may choose for your automatic payments to come out of your checking account or credit card account. There are NO “convenience fees”! Go to to register online.

Parent Portal

  • The parent portal allows you to register for classes, update account info, download newsletters, contracts, studio policies and dance class music and videos. all the important info that you need. Check it out today! you can access the parent portal at